Yusuke Oba

Yusuke Oba is a Sydney based photographer, and a Director of renowned Japanese community newspaper, Japanese Entertainment Paper Cheers.
Arrived in Sydney in 1999, he himself worked in the kitchen, before taking over the newspaper company in 2003.

Influenced by his father who was a technician of SONY Japan, and a freelance photographer, Yusuke self-taught photography, and has developed speciality in food photography over the years.

In the past 15 years, Yusuke has put together countless reviews and editorials of cafes, restaurants, and bars around Sydney, as well as developing menus and website for clients in the hospitality industry,

He himself is a foodie, and enjoys tasting as much as photo shooting! Thus he captures the food and drink as it is served, and does not style them. This has also guaranteed our readers that ‘what they see is what they get’, such that the articles have rapidly gained popularity over the years, and have become the core identity of Japanese Entertainment Paper Cheers.

In recent years, Yusuke has done countless photo shoot for Broadsheet, which has allowed him to further develop and polish his skills in food photography.